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Xposed framework is a powerful tool that allows users to install ROM like features without installing a ROM at all. This tool is considered a must-have for power users. There are a lot of posts that you will find on the internet explaining how to install the framework but you might not have gotten your hands on the posts telling you what are the Best Xposed Modules Android. Here, I have given a list of the Best Xposed Modules Android that you should check out.

If you enjoy modifying your smartphone on a system level then you probably have heard of the Xposed framework. With the recent optimization support, you can now do so much more once again.

Best Xposed Modules


Best Xposed Modules Android – All Time – Working:


The first that I recommend you check out is the Gravity Box. With the help of this mod, you can almost tweak everything on your phone including the lock screen, status bar, quick settings, snapbar, navigation keys, power menu and more.

You can think of this as the only new repository for some crazy system tweaks. Personally, I modified the tower rows from three to four, changed the notification head time to three seconds, set the clock ion the middle of the status bar and hit the bottom actions on the lock screen. Those are some of the examples that you can accomplish using GravityBox.

Gravity Box

Activity Force New Task:

One of the main annoyances with android is that if you are using an application like Google plus and hit on a YouTube video, it launches YouTube and plays the video. But once you press the back button, it takes you to the launcher and not back to Google Plus. This module fixes this issue by forcing your Android to create a new task when an application is launched. Next up is a module that is a must-have module for power users.

Activity Force New Task


This module lets you block certain people from calling you or texting you. You can set up filters and exception list as well. You have different profiles and a limited amount of customization.


Boot Manager:

Have you ever wondered why some apps or games are open no matter what you do? You can reboot your device and in a matter of minutes, these applications are back again running in the background for some amateur reason. Well, you can fix that with Boot Manager.

This simple module lets you disable apps from starting on your device. You simply click on the apps that you do not want to load on your Android when it boots up. It’s basically a minimalistic approach to help clean things up.

Boot Manager

Complete Action Plus:

Android gives us a lot of options and one of the cons of having so many options is that it slows down the workflow. One of the workflows that I am talking about is the share option.

With Complete Action Plus, you can modify the share option and customize the default applications window. For example, you can remove applications that you never use on the list. And also you can put stars in front of the applications that you want to use more. You can also change the size and modify the colors.

Complete Action Plus

DS Battery Saver:

For those of you who want to drive as much as you can out of the battery, check out the DS Battery Saver. This module lets you select from different battery profiles. You can optimize your battery and it also gives you options to save battery life.

DS Battery Saver

Protected Apps:

Security is very important when it to our smartphone devices. Protected Apps lets you use a system password for your applications. This is basically a system level lock and once you open an application, you have to input your system password to unlock it.

Protected Apps

Smooth Progress Bars:

This is a simple and small module but it adds so much visual awesomeness to your Android device. It does exactly what it says; it makes you progress bars work smooth.

Smooth Progress Bars


XPrivacy is a featured rich security application. It allows you to have the total protection of your information. You decide which applications have access to your information at all times. For example, you can tell Facebook that you do not want it to have access to your location. You can even spoof a location. This is especially great for games that want to have access to your contacts.



Another great task manager app, that stops inactive applications from running in the background, forcefully, is Greenify. It, thus, helps you save on your battery life as well as makes system work faster.


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