Free Download & Install Go Pixel Launcher Apk for Android

Go Pixel Launcher Apk for Android. Getting the Google Pixel 2 interface on your entry-level phone is now easier and less resource-intensive. Now you can download and install Android Go Pixel Launcher and install it on an Android device with a low memory capacity.

Since the launch of Google Pixel 2, there has been no shortage of attempts by developers to move the Pixel launcher by default to phones other than Pixel. But most tests fail because one or the other function will not work as it should. As with Google Now Feed, when you swipe across the screen to the left of the main screen. It was not so much when Redditor AmirZ introduced the Rootless Pixel Launcher, which we mentioned earlier.

Today, here we will talk about a special version that would allow low-RAM devices to efficiently use the Pixel Launcher, without harming the user experience. So go ahead, download Android Go Pixel Launcher and install it on your device now.

Go Pixel Launcher
Go Pixel Launcher


Features of Go Pixel Launcher:

Launcher applications are one of the simplest and most useful methods for easily configuring certain visual elements of an Android device. Users often look for a better launcher. Some do this to move away from the outdated OEM interface, while others just want the phone’s screen to be updated. Then there are others (like me) who want to try the latest features from recently released phones, such as Pixel 2.

Go Pixel Launcher
Go Pixel Launcher

AmirZ is constantly working on porting Launcher Google Pixel 2 to other OEM devices. It does this not by simply editing the original APK, but by compiling AOSP Launcher3 and manually backing up individual functions. In its latest release, the developer introduced a new version of the launcher without handles, which is optimized for devices with small main memory.

According to the developer, the optimized version of Android Go always offers a 4×4 grid style to best suit the smaller displays. In addition, the optimized version also disables the support for widgets and disables the “Notification Points” feature. He also noted that this is not what he did on purpose, but that’s what Google intends to do.

Download Go Pixel Launcher Apk:

Android Go Pixel Launcher Apk

Install Go Pixel Launcher Apk

Go Pixel Launcher
Go Pixel Launcher

Step 1: Download Go Pixel Launcher APK.

Step 2: Transfer the downloaded file to the phone’s internal storage or SD card.

Step 3: Open the File manager.

Step 4: View the vault and select the APK file.

Step 5: Click the “INSTALL” button to install Android Go Pixel Launcher.

Step 6: The installation of the package begins.

Step 7: Click “DONE” when the process is complete.

Step 8: Click the “Home” button and select “Pixel Launcher” by default.

Now you can start using the Go Optimized launcher on your lower RAM phone with all the basic functions of Pixel 2. The project is open source, which means that if you want to compile a launch program yourself or want to look at the code, go to the Github page. For more information about the current version, go to the source in the official Reddit stream.

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