Download MiXplorer 6.27 Apk for free on Android

Download MiXplorer 6.27 Apk for free on Android is one of the best File Manager applications ever created for the Android operating system. The application has an excellent interface. The best part about MiXplorer APK is that it supports Root Permissions, which is very good.
We all have an Android smartphone. So, Android now uses most smartphones these days. There are actually several options available when it comes to a mobile operating system. However, Android beats all of its competitors and stands out from the crowd.

The reason why many people like Android is that it is very customizable and comes with some unusual features. We use our Android smartphone to browse the Internet, visit social media sites, click on photos and videos, etc. So, we can actually do a lot of things on our Android-smartphone.

MiXplorer 6.27 Apk
MiXplorer Latest Apk

About MiXplorer APK:

When it comes to managing all these media files, File Manager is a must-have application for Android. The Google Play Store already has a File Manager application. Basically, the File Manager for Android allows the user to access memory and data, such as Music, applications, videos, and images in one place on their smartphone.

So, in this article, we’ll look at another application for the file manager for Android, which is known as MiXplorer APK. MiXplorer is one of the best File Manager applications that you can use on your Android smartphone. With this application, you can edit, delete, copy or move them from one place to another.

MiXplorer 6.27 Apk
MiXplorer 6.27 Apk

Features of MiXplorer APK:

Thus, MiXplorer APK is one of the best File Manager applications that you can use on your Android smartphone. You can use this application to manage files stored on the internal and external storage of Android. You can edit, delete, move and copy files from one place to another. In addition to all this, the application also contains a number of functions that are not visible in any other File Manager application. So, let’s look at some of the amazing features of MiXplorer APK.

Tabbed browsing

This is one of the best functions implemented in MiXplorer APK, which you can use to open multiple windows as tabs and without much effort to perform several tasks.

Advanced search

Android application MiXplorer also has an advanced search function that helps the user to search for anything he wants. This option allows users to apply different filters during the search.

Built-in Features

MiXplorer APK also features a built-in image viewer, music player, media player, text editor, HTML viewer, FTP / SFTP connector, etc.

OTG read capability

For those who do not know, MiXplorer APK is the only application available on the Internet that can read OTG memory. Well, there are several applications available, but all of them are a premium application.

File Management

File Manager for Android applications is designed to manage files stored on an Android device. Thus, it can perform tasks such as Copy, Paste, Move, Rename, etc.

Encryption / Decryption

MiXplorer APK Also allows users to encrypt and decrypt files stored on Android. This function simply adds an extra level of security on top of your Android

Create Prop Edit

As mentioned in the article above, MiXplorer APK supports Root Permissions. Therefore, you can edit the Build Prop files to customize the functionality of your Android device.

Download MiXplorer Apk

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Install MiXplorer Apk:

Downloading the MiXplorer Apk you will get all unlimited resources in the game to buy your favorite Money and gems bulks.

  1. Download the MiXplorer APK from the link given below.
  2. Make sure that you have unknown source installation enabled on your Android device.
  3. If not, Head to Settings > Privacy > Unknown Source > and enable it.
  4. Once done, now head over to the download folder on your device.
  5. Locate the MiXplorer APK file and tap on it.
  6. Now follow the on-screen instructions in order to go through with the installation process.
  7. It will take few seconds to Install, Once done, head over to the app drawer and Tap on the MiXplorer Icon.
  8. Enjoy the game.

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