FastPokeMap Alternatives For Pokemon GO Gen1+Gen2 [ Latest 2018 ]

If you are a Pokemon GO player then you are well aware of FastPokeMap. The best tracker and scanner for Pokemon Go ever. FastPokeMap was far way better than all others, you can easily find gen1 and gen2 Pokemon in anywhere. The basic function of all the trackers is to provide the exact location of Pokemon on the map.

It seems that Niantic and Nintendo weren’t happy with these Pokemon GO tracker and scanner. In the recent update, they have rolled out some new safety and security updates which will block all third-party scanners to access Pokemon Go game servers. Since then we have seen many Pokemon GO scanners and trackers services went down, including FastPokeMap.

Niantic may have shut down the popular ones only. But still, there are hundreds of Pokemon Go trackers and scanners you can use to find Pokemon. Now, to help all those who are still playing Pokemon Go, we have tested some of the best FastPokeMap alternatives for Pokemon GO. Moreover, we have compiled a list of Pokemon GO trackers and scanners. Let’s get started.

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Best FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon GO:

Following are the Best FastPokeMap Alternatives for Pokemon GO of 2108. The good thing is that all of these are working perfectly.


PokeFetch is intended to give you a chance to track Pokemon utilizing a continuous Pokemon GO outline. All the Pokemon bring forth information appeared in the guide are outsourced from other outsiders trustworthy scanner and tracker channels. Aside from the free checking administration for well-known zones, PokeFetch additionally gives paid premium scanner that empowers you to perform on-request examines on any piece of the world for a little expense.



PokeAlert, as the name itself recommends, gives you notice naturally at whatever point the application finds Pokemon around you on the grounds that the application keeps on filtering out of sight. This will give you a chance to get Pokemon as fast as conceivable without rescanning or looking through your encompassing territory over and over.

Download Link: Poke Alert APK


PokeWhere is a radar application for Android that outputs and demonstrates all the Pokemon that are around you, progressively. The application, once installed on your Android device, will give you a chance to find rare Pokemon and catch them, regardless of where you are.

Download Link: PokeWhere APK


PokeHuntr is an online Pokemon scanner benefit that works like the FastPokeMap. It enables you to discover, find, and track Pokemon in any piece of the world, continuously.


Use FastPokeMap Alternatives To Scan and Track Pokemon:

We have prepared a simple step by step guide to tell you how you can Use FastPokeMap Alternatives To Scan and Track Pokemon.

  • On your device open your browser and type ( ).
  • Once the FastPokeMap site is loaded, you’ll be presented with two options to choose from. ( manually search option or GPS location tracking ).
  • We would suggest you go with the option two, manually search option. It will provide desired results for you.
  • Tap on find location, Add the City and Country where you want to go looking for Pokemon. Tap on the search button.
  • Give FastPokeMap few seconds and it will take you the searched location.
  • Once you are at the right location, you have to tap on the map and it will mark the location. You’ll see that FastPokeMap will start showing you a predefined scan radius. This is the area where it will start Pokemon scanning.
  • When the scanning process is finished, you’ll see that Scan button will turn green and also you’ll see a notification at the top of the map.
  • Tap on the notification bar and it will reveal a list of Pokemon. Which are currently available at that location.

That’s all. Open Pokemon Go app on your device and go to the exact same location and catch ’em all.

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