How to Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google on Android

Google is making things more and more complicated, recently Google has dropped a bomb on uncertified devices. All of the uncertified devices are banned from accessing and installing any Google Stock apps for e.g Gapps. The devices which are designed specifically for China region are not allowed to Install any Google App. Moreover, devices like Amazon Fire won’t be able to access Google Apps anymore. That’s not good.

Today we’ll tell you how to Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google or you can say how to Unblock Google Apps On Uncertified Android. Although Android is an open source project and anybody can customize it and use it as they want. But they don’t know one thing, Google has a list of requirements which every manufacturer must follow in order to pass Compatibility Test Suite.

Google didn’t stop here, it made sure that every manufacturer has to pass CTS in order to use Android on their device. A step like this considered to provide the rich Android environment. But not everyone agrees with us, let’s us tell you how to Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google on Android.

Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google on Android


How to Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google on Android:

First, you need to check that your device is certified or not. You find out that by following the instructions below.

Check if your device is uncertified:

  • Open Google Play on your device.
  • Tap on the menu button or swipe to the right side.
  • Scroll down and Tap on About -> “Device Certification”.

Fix Device Is Not Certified by Google Error:

Following method is for those users who are running custom ROM’s. Normal users have to go through from exemption. They need to follow the instructions on the Google Uncertified Devices Page.

  • Download and Install Download Device ID APK on your device.
  • Open the App and copy the GSF code from the second line.
  • Open Registration page on your device web browser.
  • Enter your GSF ID in the Android ID box and click on Register.
  • Now Keep your finger crossed, if your GSF ID is correct, your device will be registered as a certified device.

Once your device is registered and certified, you can easily install any Google App on your Android device.

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