Download Fun Royale 2018 Private Server for Clash Royale 2.1.10- New Cards unlocked.

Fun Royale 2.1.10 APK: If you have been into Clash Royale Private servers, then you might have heard the name of this Fun Royale Private Server for Clash Royale. This is the latest updated version released by the developers. Just like other famous PS of the game, this Fun Royale is also getting famous due to its continuous updates. Thanks to the developers behind it known as Fun Games or the Redmineboys from their famous YouTube Channel. This is the latest Fun Royale 2018 updated Clash Royale 2.1.10 Private Server Apk.

The main features included in this update is enabling the PVP online option. Enabling the Challenges and new battle fields. Beside this the unlimited Gems and Unlimited Coins are still there. With huge new Twin Unlocking Chests available every time you open the game. As seen in the images below. The 2v2 battle option is also enabled in the latest update released. And also this is the same server which has the Tournament and challenge options enabled. Some other servers do have these features present. But you can’t actually access users created tournaments or in-built game challenges.

Fun Royale 2018 Private Server Clash Royale 2.1.10 Apk

I have personally downloaded and tried the FunRoyale 2108 Private Server and found it working perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I have no issue in calling it the best and stable Clash Royale 2.1.10 Private Server. If you have downloaded and installed it before. We have 2 more Private Servers for you. Make your Clash Royale game more fun by trying these two servers given below.

Now moving to the main features of this special Modded version of Clash Royale Private server or the Fun Royale Private Server 2018. Some of the best and most noted about things in this server are given below. But just look at this Opened Chest. These are the all cards I got from this chest. All Common cards, Rare cards, Epic cards and 20+ Legendary Cards.


Fun Royale 2018,  Clash Royale v2.1.10 Mod Apk Main Features:

This game is pre-loaded and injected with almost each and every thing you need in the game. That includes:

  1. With standard Goblin Barrel, now in this mod we have Barbarian Barrel too.
  2. Many custom made cards including the Barbarian King with 20 Elixir to launch
  3. Other custom cards include, Invisibility Spell, from Clash of Clans and the Earthquake cards etc
  4. All Cards unlocked, Including the latest one named ” Magic Archer” which is released in February 2018.
  5. 2v2 player challenges available.
  6. All Clans options enabled letting you create new clans in the game.
  7. Your game starts with 1,000 Coins and 1,000,000 green Gems.
  8. Your towers level is at Starting Level 3
  9. The PVP option is enabled for some users. The ones who played some games with the computer are only allowed to play with other players.
  10. All Legendary cards can be found in Mega Chests with two cards revealing options.
  11. With Clans on this server, you can chat and challenge other players in your clan.
  12. More and more players are downloading this game so you have a better chance to get a challenging opponent sooner in XRoyale Private Server 2018.

Download Fun Royale 2018 Private Server Clash Royale 2.1.10 Mod Apk:

As usual this Clash Royale Private Server also has it’s own Apk file, To be downloaded and installed on any Android device separate to the original Clash Royale game. So there is no chance of any ban or logging in to your actual account. So the fun is always here to enjoy.

  1. Download the XRoyale.apk from the given link below.
  2. Just like any other 3rd party apk installation, make sure to enable the unknown Source installation enabled on your device.
  3. Once downloaded on your device you can simply install the apk file.
  4. As mentioned above the game will be downloaded separate and with a whole new name. So your original Calsh Royale will not be getting effected.
  5. That’s it. Download the Apk from the given link below.

Download: | Fun Royale 2018 Clash Royale 2.1.10 Apk |  Size: 95.91 mb |

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