100 New Official Mobile Alliance GiftCode Free – 2018

New Official Mobile Alliance Giftcode Free. Mobile Alliance is a mobile game with the MOBA genre developed based on the original Alliance of Legendary. Garena game released in Vietnam on both the Android and iOS platforms with a large number of players even though the age of less than a year.

With attractive gameplay, value-added gift codes and ongoing professional tournaments, Mobile Alliance is one of the most successful mobile games in the country. Male. Today, you will have the opportunity to receive a gift Mobile Federation from the program of 1Phut.io. This is a gratitude event for users who have been with 1Phut for the past few years, as well as grateful to the players who have been with us during the last three seasons.

Giftcode Mobile Alliance Free


What will you get from Giftcode Mobile Alliance:

You can get attractive rewards such as rare costumes, new generals, gold, and ruby. Moreover, you’ll get permanent shelf life and along with that, you’ll get 20 Ruby + 1 x2 EXP (4 wins) + 1 x2 Gold (4 wins). Keep that in mind, you can use the Free  Mobile Alliance GiftCode one time for each account.

Mobile Alliance Gift Code Free:

  • Shelf life: Permanently

How to enter bonus Gift Code:

  • From the game’s main interface click on the gift box icon.
  • Choose Game Announcements -> View details.
  • Enter the code in the box that appears on the screen and confirm.

  • After entering the Gift Code successfully, the gift will be sent to your mailbox in about 5-10 minutes.

Download Garena Mobile Alliance for Android and iOS devices:

Google PlayDownload APK  | App Store

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