How to Create a VKontakte Group

Groups in the social network Vkontakte are created very easily, although some have problems. The community in VK can be created by any user completely free of charge and in just a few minutes without any special knowledge.

create a VKontakte group
create a VKontakte group

How to create a Vkontakte group

Regardless of the chosen goal and topic, the technical creation of the VC group is a very fast process. Much more time you will need to spend on filling out and filling with content.

So, to create a community, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Go in your profile Vkontakte. Unauthorized users can not create a community.

Step 2: In the menu on the left, we look for the “Groups” tab and go there. It is there that communities of the social network are displayed.

Step 3: Above the search, we are looking for the button “Create community” and click on it.

Step 4: A new window opens, where you need to select the type of our group, or rather the destination. If the group is needed for business, you need to select “Business”, if it’s just for the blog – “Public Page”.

Step 5: Variants of 6, in the opened window everything is told in detail. In our case, choose a public page.

Step 6: A new window opens, where you need to enter a title, and select the subject and specify a website, if there is one, click on the check mark next to the text “I read and agree with the rules” and click on the button “Create community“.

Step 7: Almost all. A new page opens, where detailed information about the group is indicated. All fields are optional but recommended. There you can change the name of the community, as well as specify age restrictions, change topics, specify the address of the page (for example,, date of birth and other information.

Immediately set the cover for the group. This is recommended to be done immediately. The “Suggested news” tab determines who can offer news. If you put “From all“, each person can offer news (it is not published before the adoption by the owner of the group), and if you turn this feature off, no one else can offer news. These items can be changed at any time, so do not worry. Click “Save”.

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The group in the social network Vkontakte was created. Now she is allowed to quietly manage and change the settings. You can change almost everything, from the name of the group, ending with the avatar and the owner.

In addition, in the section “Administration of Vkontakte communities,” you can find useful information about how to properly manage your group. It describes in detail the methods of competent design, monetization, strengthening of security and community development. Find the menu itself on the main page of your group.

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