How to Promote Your Instagram Page/Profile

Promotion of the page in any social network, including Instagram, is a painstaking work that requires a lot of time and daily participation. But, if you devote this lesson to at least 2-3 weeks, then the process will begin to move much easier.


Formulation of the problem

The main advantage of self-promotion profile in Instagram is that everything from the first time will be done correctly. You do not get a ban for sending spam or other unwanted services, and also create a tape that is really interesting to other users.
To do this, you need to determine the goal, it can be, for example:

Promote Your Instagram
Promote Your Instagram
  • Advertising a particular site;
  • Creation of a page for the purpose of advertising;
  • Formation of a consolidated group.

The goal can be any, but it must be. From this directly depends on how the promotion of the profile will occur. All content of the tape should be “linked” to a common theme and common hashtags. Therefore, at the first stage, you need to clearly formulate the concept of the project.

For example, if a site that sells plant seeds is advertised, photos should be associated with either landscape design or nature. Nothing else can be added to the tape – it’s offtopic.

Preparing a profile

In the second step, fill in the profile:

Step 1: Go to Instagram, click on the icon with the drawn man and click on “Edit profile“.

Instagram Edit Profile
Instagram Edit Profile

Step 2: “Name” – others cannot show it.

Step 3: “Username” – it will be visible to all network members.

Step 4: “Site” is the URL that you promote, for example, a blog or channel to Youtube.

Step 5:Bio” – here it is very short, but so that it was immediately clear what you are talking about, write the advertisement of the site. You can also add a few hashtags here.

Step 8: After editing the fields, click the green check mark on the right.

Important: long descriptions and hundreds of hashtags will not bring any result. Limit one or two sentences and three closest on the subject hashtags.

Ways to attract new audiences

For Instagram, all new users are added using photos. Selection scheme:

Step 1: Look through the tape for your topic, learn what is already on the network. To do this, click on “Search” , insert the corresponding hashtag and flick the tape. At the top will be presented additional hashtags, they also need to be studied.

Instagram Search
Instagram Search

Step 2: Analyze the content and select a photo that will be different from most. In addition, it should relate to your topic.

Step 3: Add a photo, in the “Description” field, make a short signature and place 15-20 most popular hashtags for your topic. Long descriptions can also be of interest to the public, but in this case, the quality of the text should be high. The history of photography with a meaning close to the hearts of your audience will help attract more subscribers. But use this method only if you are confident in your literary abilities or know a good strainer.

Step 4: The “Places” tab can also be useful. In fact, it is used to target audiences. If the promoted resource works, for example, in Moscow, then in this section you need to specify the capital. If other social networks develop together with Instagram, connect them too.

Having done all this, watch out for the audience’s response. Those who like the image are your potential subscribers. Go to them on the page and say something in response. Then click on “Subscribe”. A chance that the user will become and your fowler is large enough.

Recommendations for working with the audience

In the work on page promotion rely on three whales:

  • Not to spam;
  • Publish only topical content;
  • Work with the audience exclusively in their native language.
  • With competent work, one or two photos a day will bring 300-400 followers, but that they do not unsubscribe, you do not need to clog their tape with dozens or hundreds of useless photos. Language is not less important! Lokayukta can and from other countries, but the advertised site is interesting only to the Russian-speaking segment.

Reverse communication is equally important. Instagram is primarily a social network, so users communicate, leave comments and wait for them to respond. Do not forget about this moment, otherwise, the audience will choose more sociable bloggers.

If the work yields a positive result and the number of fouls grows, you can use advertising on Instagram. To do this, you need to connect a business account.

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