Download iOS 12 Stock Wallpapers – 8 HD Wallpapers

Download iOS 12 Stock Wallpapers. Apple intends to announce the next update of iOS, the OS behind its most popular products, at WWDC on June 4. It is expected that the new update will expand the capabilities of NFC iPhone beyond Apple’s payment. According to the information, iOS 12 will allow iPhones to act as a door key of a hotel room and as a virtual transit card.

It is assumed that this is possible because Apple can open NFC chips on the iPhone for third-party developers. The update will also provide performance enhancements and cross-platform applications for iOS and MacOS. It is expected that iOS 12 will be an important update in terms of aesthetics, but this will certainly lead to some changes. One of these changes will be wallpapers on your iOS 12, which you can download right here.

iOS 12 Sock Wallpaper

Download iOS 12 Stock Wallpapers

We shared both of both iOS 11.2 just a couple of months ago, and today we have a wallpaper for iOS 12 for you. iOS 12 has not yet been announced, and it will be a few months before the official release for compatible iOS devices. We still managed to get some wallpapers on iOS 12.

iOS 12 Sock Wallpaper

Some of them are the expected wallpapers for the iOS 12 desktop, while others are conceptual wallpapers from all over the Internet and some others developed by the Facebook team. We packed all the wallpaper in different mail files, depending on the category in which they fall.

The following are compressed JPEG files, but you can download full-sized images from the download links provided for each category. Only 15 wallpapers, 4 of which are wallpapers for the desktop, 3 are wallpapers, and 8 of them are developed by the Facebook team.

iOS 12 Stock Wallpapers

iOS 12 wallpapers

iOS 12 Facebook Wallpapers

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