Life Choices Mod Apk 1.0.4 with Unlimited Coins, Gems and Money Mod.

Download the Life Choices Mod Apk 1.0.4. This is the latest apk app updated of the game. You can get unlimited coins, gems and money Mod with this modded version of Life Choices Hack for Android. This is the SEPTEMBER 2021 update of the game by Unico Studio.

Life Choices is a trivia game based game for players worldwide. It offers you to play without active internet connection. Your task is to create dozens of characters, live their whole life from birth to death, and make difficult choices along the way.

Life Choices Mod Apk

Main Features Life Choices:

Are you bored with so-called life simulation games in which the choices you make has no point? Then give Life Choices a try!

Unicoville needs your help as the town needs repairs and restoration. Bring new people to the town, play their lives, complete objectives and see the town reborn before your eyes.

Become anyone and express yourself freely in this game of life simulation. Create dozens of characters, live their whole life from birth to death, and make difficult choices along the way. Live all the bits of life.


Work on your intelligence, strength and art as you fight the hardships of life. Each choice affects your skills and your skills affect the outcome of your choices. Will you be a mindless brute? Or a weak artist? Or someone who is perfect? It is all up to you!


Start with a small house and unlock bigger ones as you play. Customize dozens of rooms to your liking and pick furniture from a vast library of selections. All objects are beautifully rendered in 3D.

Rebuild the houses of Unicoville and see the town flourish again. Pick from different house variations and establish your style. Enjoy the gorgeous 3D rendered town graphics.


This game is not a stairway to heaven. You are not forced to be a good person. You can choose to become evil as well. Fight your way up into the top spots at Karma Leaderboards as someone who is good or evil.

With the dilemma system, your characters will be faced with tough choices from time to time. You need to decide carefully, as the consequences are serious and effective.

Life Choices allows you to create your own unique characters, but you can also play the story characters and help them achieve their life goals. Help Meredith to become an astronaut, or help Jeff to take his revenge.


  • Free to download, free to play, and free to enjoy. No hidden fees.
  • More than 500 choices to make.
  • Dozens of different character sets.
  • Name your own characters.
  • Family friendly gameplay with no explicit content.
  • 3D Town and House visuals.
  • Customize the town to your liking. Design your own houses.
  • Customize your house with lots of options.
  • Play the story lives filled with exciting events.
  • Humorous situations and surprising events.
  • Create unlimited amount of characters.
  • Fight for the Karma Leaderboards.
  • All choices matter.
  • Find your romance.
  • Get rich with the wealth system.
  • Dozens of different endings.
  • Addictive and relaxing gameplay.
  • Play without the internet.

Life Choices Mod Apk

Life Choices Mod Apk 1.0.4 file info:

Size: 77 MB
Version: v1.0.4
Android Version: Android 4.4 and up
Owner: Unico Studio
Developed Date: SEPTEMBER 16, 2021
Google Play Store Life Choices

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How to download Life Choices Mod Apk 1.0.4 hack for 2021:

To Download the game follow these steps.

  1. Download the modded version from the link given below.
  2. Make sure that you have the unknown source installation enabled on your Android device.
  3. If not, Head to Settings > Privacy > Unknown Source > and enable it.
  4. Once done simply download the file and install it.
  5. That’s It.

*Make sure to follow all the installation instructions given above before downloading the Mod apk file.

Life Choices Mod Apk Download Link