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To speak of Maplestory is to remember the living history of the MMORPG. The original game, released for PC in a distant 2003 where the Asian role hit strong with referents such as Lineage, MU Online or Ragnark, is still in full activity fifteen years after its release. The giant Nexon, as a licensee in almost all the world, has known how to take advantage of the brand thanks to all kinds of material in the form of Anime series or games for portable consoles and mobile devices, which brings us to the present: from the imminent Maplestory 2 for PC, Maplestory M has just been published, which takes the title of the original game with 2D graphics to Android Devices.

At the time, Maplestory played in another league. While most contemporary MMOs made the leap to 3D by adopting standards to what we now understand as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, the Wizet game chose to offer two-dimensional environments and characters made from sprites. Although there are missions to complete, Maplestory almost raised itself as a social network in which to chat with our friends, customize our puppet with a thousand and one hats, pets and dresses and, in short, socialize. In fact, the original game had a system of marriage between characters. Maplestory M, even with its licenses to the freemium regarding the repetition of schemes to the satiety, goes a little in this line.

MapleStory M for PC
MapleStory M

Here we forget the self-guidance and the autopilot. Maplestory feels like a quasi-epileptic action and platform game with hundreds of on-screen indicators, colorful explosions and beautiful sprites to visually rejoice with every change in our equipment. Obviously, we speak of a game system only suitable for certain palates, although given the increasing integration of the philosophy of Asian game in our western heart, surely there are many nostalgic to return to the fold. Another thing is that gray combs and you come very long all this, but that each one does with his life what he wants.

MapleStory M for PC
MapleStory M

Maplestory is fashionable. Its new version for mobiles is available in the form of soft-launch for certain countries, although it can be played without any geographical limitation by installing it via APK. And if we want to delve more into the IP, we also have the MapleStory Blitz spinoff for Android, in addition to the original PC game or its second part that we can already test in closed beta.


Download MapleStory M:

MapleStory M - Fantasy MMORPG
MapleStory M - Fantasy MMORPG

Download and install MapleStory M for PC Windows 10/8/7:

To download this game on your PC You need to follow these instructions on your Desktop or Laptop computers running Any version of Windows, i.e Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10.

  1. 1st of all download the best Android Emulator player for PC | BlueStacks |
  2. Once downloaded simply open BlueStacks and register your Gmail account.
  3. After the registration completes all you need is open Google Play Store in the app as seen in the images below.
  4. Search for the MapleStory M.
  5. Once done simply click on install and the App will be downloaded and installed on your Bluestacks app player.
  6. Now open the app and start using it on your PC.

Download MapleStory M for Mac OS:

For your MacBooks, iMac or any other computer running Latest Mac OS, you need to follow these instructions here.

  1. Download a working Android Emulator for Mac. In this case | Nox App Player |
  2. Now make sure to open Nox App Player.
  3. Register with your Gmail account so that you can access the Google Play Store.
  4. Once completing all the setup requirements your Nox App Player will be ready.
  5. Now Open the Google Play Store in the app player.
  6. Search for the MapleStory M and then simply download and install it.
  7. Once done you will have your app installed on your Mac.
  8. That’s it.

Don’t forget to follow our Apps for PC Category. Now you can use MapleStory M on Windows XP/7/8/10 or Mac OS with this simple Trick.

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