Mercs of Boom for PC, An Alternative to XCOM you Cannot Miss

Mercs of Boom for PC. Within the universe of video games, there is a genre that shines in excess in mobile devices: the turn-based strategy finds in the touch screens a perfect ally for its pretensions. Well, really here we also frame titles that flirt with the role, but you know what we are talking about. In this house, we have already recommended several works of this style ( Tango 5, Master of Eternity or Mad Dogs ) and Mercs of Boom is the last one to join this group. An excellent strategy game that draws tremendous inspiration from XCOM.

We could say without shaking our mouths that XCOM is one of the clearest references to the turn-based strategy. We talked about 1994 classic created by Julian Gollop that surprised the world thanks to its high level of detail, the almost infinite possibilities of play and its high difficulty.

Mercs of Boom for PC
Mercs of Boom for PC

Strategy & Construction:

A few mistakes in the management of our base or in some specific mission and we could say goodbye to our entire departure. But here is not the time or the place to continue talking about this masterpiece. What matters to us is its reboot of 2012 that modernized the base game a lot, adapting it more than correctly to new generations of players. It is in this game where we find the basis of what is Mercs of Boom since the game traces many of its concepts without blinking the least.

We are faced with a work of strategy that places us in a distant future where a series of military corporations govern the Earth. We will control one of these military conglomerates to try to save the planet from the threats that loom over it. But the important thing is not the what, but the how and here Mercs of Boom brings out its virtues.

Mercs of Boom for PC
Mercs of Boom for PC

Management & Combats:

The game divides its gameplay into two distinct sections: the management of our base and the combats. In the first part, we will have to administer to our mercenaries, the different investigations that will be developed or the creation of new objects. The possibilities are many and all will go through the construction of different buildings.

But it is in the combats where the juice of the matter comes. We will have to move in turns in squared scenarios to our group of mercenaries that will have the mission to finish with the enemies that are. The key to these confrontations is that we can not risk the crazy since this would mean an almost certain death.

Mercs of Boom for PC
Mercs of Boom for PC

Right Weapons for Survival:

Taking covers in the scenarios and using the right weapon can be vital for our survival. The great thing is that our characters will go up in level and we can specialize more and more. Hence, his definitive death in these battles may end up hurting so much. Sure you hear everything we’ve told you if you have ever cast a game to XCOM. Although they have different arguments, the playable resemblance of the two is undeniable.

What’s more, we could almost say that Mercs of Boom would not exist without XCOM. But although this is important, even more so is the fact that Mercs of Boom is a great game that we can enjoy for free on Android. A title that we can play offline and that the lovers of the turn-based strategy are going to embrace with all their strength.

Mercs of Boom for PC
Mercs of Boom for PC

Download and install Mercs of Boom for PC Windows 10/8/7:

To download this game on your PC You need to follow these instructions on your Desktop or Laptop computers running Any version of Windows, i.e Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10.

  1. 1st of all download the best Android Emulator player for PC | BlueStacks |
  2. Once downloaded simply open BlueStacks and register your Gmail account.
  3. After the registration completes all you need is open Google Play Store in the app as seen in the images below.
  4. Search for the Mercs of Boom.
  5. Once done simply click on install and the App will be downloaded and installed on your Bluestacks app player.
  6. Now open the app and start using it on your PC.

Download Mercs of Boom for Mac OS:

For your MacBooks, iMac or any other computer running Latest Mac OS, you need to follow these instructions here.

  1. Download a working Android Emulator for Mac. In this case | Nox App Player |
  2. Now make sure to open Nox App Player.
  3. Register with your Gmail account so that you can access the Google Play Store.
  4. Once completing all the setup requirements your Nox App Player will be ready.
  5. Now Open the Google Play Store in the app player.
  6. Search for the Mercs of Boom and then simply download and install it.
  7. Once done you will have your app installed on your Mac.
  8. That’s it.

Don’t forget to follow our Apps for PC Category. Now you can use Mercs of Boom on Windows XP/7/8/10 or Mac OS with this simple Trick.

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