Download Battlefield 4 Mobile Apk – Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline for Android right now.

Millet Shootout: Battlefield 4 Frontline Apk for Mobile is here. For all the famous first person shooter fans. Here we have yet another wonderful game for you. Download the Millet Shootout developed by the xiaomi games. With the best available Unreal Engine 4 and best ultimate visual effects to show the real battlefield experience on your smartphone screens.

Just like the PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, the developers seem to bring the battlefield experince to smartphone screens too. With the compact combat modes, Traditional Player vs Player (PVP) models in the game. We are here with the working Millet Shootout: Battlefield 4 Frontline Apk link, which will help you to download the game on your Android device. But here are some of the main features of the game. This is still the Chinese version of the Battlefield 4 Mobile game. We have no news of the original English version or the Global launch of the game so far. But we hope to see the Millet Shootout Battlefield Frontline English version soon.

Millet Shootout Battlefield Frontline APK Download


Millet Shootout Game Information:

  • Genre: Action/TPS/PUBG
  • Plataform: Android/IOS/
  • Game Online: YES
  • Game offline :NO
  • STORAGE: 0.95 GB
  • Version:

Battlefield 4 Mobile Apk Screenshots:

Millet ShootOut: Battlefield Frontline Review:

“Millet Shootout” is a shooter game created by the Unreal Engine 4 and has the ultimate visual effect to perfectly restore the real battlefield experience. Battlefield mode, combat training, traditional PVP three models cover the shooting game elements you can think of.

Battlefield mode 
16VS16’s two armies contend for the flag to play, the new vehicle tanks join the sublimation battlefield atmosphere, arms concept to bring more choices to the players, capture the flag, assault, surprise, this model aims to restore the “sea, land and air” battlefield Experience.

The actual training 
players experience a 100-person military exercise. All the props must be acquired on the island, skydiving, vehicles, machine sights, airdrops, bombing areas, to bring players a more realistic gaming experience.

What’s New in Battlefield 4 APK:

“Millet Shootout” new information piece officially launched
[new content] 1, the new model: “battlefield frontline” officially opened
2, new mode new experience, 16V16 battlefield hot open
3, new rules for new modes, play
4, with new The new map launched by the model
5, the new vehicle: “tank” landing battlefield front line
6, increase the vehicle shooting function “artillery + machine gun”
7, the special arms play debut in the new mode, the player free choice
8, the first debut two arms “sniper “Army” “engineering soldiers”
9, special arms of special arms, special operations and other supporting content
10, the original vehicle to increase the probe shooting function
[optimization & adjustment] 1, skydiving logic optimization
2, vehicle driving operation, viewing angle optimization
, etc. 3, Optimize and adjust the medal system
4, optimize the firearms switch, the characters run and other actions
5, daily tasks, activity adjustment and optimization
6, the actual cold training map in the actual training mode is closed
7, the miracle garden team map joins the ladder race
8, the recharge amount , first charge and other content adjustment and optimization
9, warehouse system revision
10, BUG, ​​abnormalities and other issues focused on repair.

Disclaimer: We don’t Own the game, nor we are providing the game link or any type of APK file. All we are sharing is the links to the source site of the developers for educational purpose.

How to download Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline Apk:

To download the apk file or the direct game source files you need to follow these step by step instructions given below.

  1. Download TapTap store on your device. [ Download Link]
  2. Once done, simply open the TapTap store.
  3. Search for the Millet Shootout Battlefield Frontline.
  4. Millet Shootout Battlefield Frontline APK
  5. Tap on the searched result as seen in the image below.
  6. Now on the game page click on the download button.
  7. Once Downloaded** make sure to enable the Unknown Source Installation.
  8. Now click on the Install button to install the game on your device as seen in the image below.

**Note: The game is almost 1 GB in size so it will take some time to download on your device.

2nd Method Direct Download Link:

If you don’t want to download the TapTap store on your device or you can access it. Then follow this link to directly download the Millet Shootout Battlefield Frontline Apk on your device. The filename is “com.ak.mi.apk” and is available in 920MB size.

Download APKMirror Link

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