Download Nokia 7 Plus Kernel Source Code. [Nokia7plus_V3.22C.tar.bz2]

So here we are with the official Nokia 7 Plus Kernel Source Code. In complete package file. Now you can use this open source code to dig deep into this new HMD Device and get the latest info from it.

Nokia 7 Plus Kernel Source Code

Although in some regions HMD has introduced this device as Nokia 7.1 but the official launch comes under the Nokia 7 Plus. This is the 8th new Nokia with Android or Nokia HMD device so far.


Download Nokia 7 Plus Kernel Source Code:

The * file released so far contains the complete source code of the Nokia7Plus device. Prior to that Nokia has already released almost all devices Source Codes already.

HMD Global offers selected parts of source codes used in our smartphones through this website. We provide source code licensed under the GPL or LGPL, and some other open source licenses allowing source code distribution.

This source code also helps in developing Android Open Source Apps.

Here is the list of devices by HMD Nokia:

HMD so far has released the source code for the following smartphones:

  • 1- Nokia 7 Plus
  • 2- Nokia 8
  • 3- Nokia 6.1
  • 4- Nokia 6
  • 5- Nokia 5.1
  • 6- Nokia 3.1
  • 7- Nokia 3
  • 8- Nokia 2
  • 9- Nokia 2.1
  • 10- Nokia 1

Download Nokia7plus_V3.22C.tar.bz2 File Info:

FileName: Nokia7plus_V3.22C.tar.bz2
File Size: 138 MB
File Package/Format  * 
Device For Nokia 7 Plus

A look at Nokie 7 Plus Specs sheet:

Nokia 7 Plus specs

Also Download: Nokia 7 Plus Stock Wallpapers

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