Omni ROM Stock Wallpapers – Download [ All HD ]

Download Omni ROM Stock Wallpapers. Omni ROM is among the popular custom ROM’s of Android. Recently they have launched their latest ROM based on Android Oreo 8.1. Omni ROM 8.1 comes with all the features which were present on all the previous Omni ROM’s. Moreover, Omni ROM 8.1 includes all the features from Android Oreo 8.1, such as smart selections, new icons, Wallpapers and much more.

Today we are giving you the latest Wallpapers of Omni ROM 8.1, you can download all the Wallpapers from below. Moreover, you can use these Wallpapers on any Android device.

Omni ROM Stock Wallpapers

The latest version of Omni ROM now support all the high-end flagship devices including OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, Pixel and Nexus devices. Moreover, this new build comes with 22 wallpapers, all of these Wallpapers are designed by Team Omni ROM. Each Wallpaper contains a logo of Omni ROM and comes in various different colors and styles. Moreover, Omni ROM 8.1 Wallpapers are designed to support AMOLED displays.


Download Omni ROM Stock Wallpapers:

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