Latest Pirates Bay Alternative 2019 sites [100% Working]

Pirates Bay Alternative 2019: So we are already into 2019. But the torrent sites are still here. Today I am here with a list of sites that you can use instead of the famous Pirates Bay.

So in Pirates Bay 2019 is likely to be one of these sites given below. SinceĀ Error 522 is the most ugly error when you try to reach out TPB torrent site. Yes the Pirates Bay is Down and you are welcomed with this horror news.

It’s like the nth time since this Pirates den is dead for nth reason too. Since the host is acting non-responsive as this Cloudflare errors shows. We are still here to make your evening pleasant with the best 3 Alternative sites to Download Movies from.

We have been already into streaming movies but with the best download and watch later option available on Torrents, we have decided to bring the best 3 Working Movies torrent site for our readers.

The Pirates bay Down

But before heading to the list of best 3 TPB alternative Movies Downloading Torrent sites, let me share the official status page of the The Pirates bay where you can find the actual status of the site. This page allows you to get the actual details of

  1. TPB Site accessibility.
  2. TPB New user registration
  3. TPB New comment Posts.
  4. TPB Torrent Upload Allowed or Not.

With this info you can easily browse the TPB official site. Here are more tools to determine whether The Pirates Bay site is up or down.

3 Best TPB Alternative Sites to download Movies in 2019:

The first torrent site that we are going to talk about is the most used movie downloading torrent site after TPB.

1- KickAss Torrent:

Kickass torrents

The kickass torrent is one of the biggest pirated data hub after the famous TPB. It has got more visitors since the knock down of the Yify. Although Yify has become the worlds largest pirated movie contents circulating source. But it didn’t provided the users the highest possible quality of movies.

The Kickass torrent however got the advantage of providing Movie in original BluRay X264 and H264 with DTM ETS formats. The official site is down but you can access kickass torrent here.


RARBG Torrents

Although RARBG ain’t that famous as above mentioned sites. But still this is the best place where you can find the best collection of movies from across the globe. The RARBG also has other main categories just like TPB.

The best feature here in RARBG torrent is the categorization of Movies on the basis of quality. Beside this there are separate tabs for Box Office and Top 10 Movies too. Which makes it easier to access all these movies.

You can access RARBG here.

3- Torrentz 2:

Torrentz2 site

Although this is more of a Torrents search engine tool, but it also comes with the best Movie torrents for you. You can access the best and top of the line movies using this searching tool torrent.

This was the list of best 3 alternative TPB torrents sites for movies 2019.


I have to admit that no site is there to take the Pirates Bay space. But still these options are good enough to get the best of internet at one place. I will be bringing new additional sites like Kat Ph or others in futures for you.

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