The Pirates bay Down or Not | How to know| The Status Tool

Millions of daily searches took place by TPB fans just to check whether the Pirates bay Down or Not. Today we are here with the official Tool which will help you determine this easily. The Pirates Bay is undoubtedly the biggest pirates data sharing network based on hundreds of torrent sites. Its the nth time in last 3 years since the site is facing the up and down issue.

Currently the site is down and you will be welcomed with the cloudfare page showing error 502. This popular site mostly shows up with-in hours but now the site is blacked out for days. This is becoming a norm. So we are here with a couple of tools which will help you determine the Pirates Bay Down or Not issue.

The Pirates Bay Down or Not Status

Although if you are good with the TOR Browsing, you must try the TOR address of the Pirates bay. This is the easiest and most safest way to access the ocean of Pirate data on these servers. We have another post to let you know how to access TPB using TOR Browser or TOR tools.

The Pirates Bay Down or NOT | The Status Tool:

1- The first tool here is the official TPB status link for the pirate forums. All you have to do is go to this link given below.

The Pirates bay Official Status

Once you reach here you will find the site reach-ability. This official Status page also helps in determine following things.

  1. TPB Site accessibility.
  2. TPB New user registration
  3. TPB New comment Posts.
  4. TPB Torrent Upload Allowed or Not.

The Pirates bay Down Or Not

2- The second tool is a universal tool used to determine any sites status. It’s the, where you can easily know the status of TPB servers.

It also helps to check that whether the .Org domain is online or not. Beside this you can also know the *.se server and all other working extensions.

To access this site, simply click on this link below.

Currently Down Status Check

The Pirates bay Down Or Not

Hope you liked these new tools. Meanwhile you can also check.

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