Download PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 ipa with miramar map, for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Tencent Games own Lightspeed studio made iOS users wait for a whole week after releasing the PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 apk for android. This time the story is different. The PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 update for Android was like just a couple of hours ago. And we have already got the PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 update for iOS devices.

The good news for every iOS device user. This updated version of PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Works absolutely fine on all these devices. The new update features the most anticipated Miramar map or the new Desert map for the game. You might have seen some clips of this map as it was first released by LightSpeed Studio for Chinese version. Which was later produced by the TIMI studio as well.

PUBG Mobile Beta 0.5.0 Apk

So many players who were playing onĀ  both Android and iOS devices and updated the game to the latest version on Android devices. Could not play the game on their iOS device, the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch etc. Because the developers only allow the latest game version to be played online against those with the updated version only.

Here are some of the changes for the PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 for iOS:

What’s New
– Desert map (“Miramar”) is now available for selection. See if you can find the new vehicles and weapons!
– New Progress Mission: collect progress rewards when you reach new levels, then take on new missions.
– Added weekly Activity missions: earn rewards based on your Activity.
– Added local quick team feature: enter a 6-digit code to team up with friends that are next to you.
– Added Synergy and Connections: interact with your friends in-game to raise Synergy, then build Connections when your Synergy is high enough.
– Added Regions: now you can choose your region and flag.
– Added language-specific chat channels: there is now an additional channel based on the language of your choice.
– Added more avatars.
– Now you can collect rewards for every new tier reached in Season 2.
– Added a Shop, where you can preview and purchase new outfits and items.
– Added a Secret Stash, where you can purchase special discounted items.

– Spectator mode smoothness improved.
– Striking sounds and effects added to melee combat.
– Parachute camera smoothness improved.
– Initial parachute speed increased to match the PC version.
– Improved climbing check during running.
– Picture styles now available on all devices.
– Added sound effects for breaking doors.
– Improved display of personal information and results.
– Improved team invitation flow.

Download PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 ipa for iPhone, ios devices

Download PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 ipa for iOS:

PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 iPa

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