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It seems Tencent is not willing to share anything with anyone, PUBG Mobile is undoubtedly getting more and more popular. The one thing everybody seems to try since the release of PUBG Mobile is how to run it on the PC. Now there are many good emulators which can let you run the PUBG Mobile on PC, but as I said earlier that Tencent games have no intention to share this success with anyone. That’s why now they have released the PUBG Mobile Emulator For PC and it is Official.

After seeing the users playing PUBG Mobile on PC using other third-party emulators, Tencent gives it a time and now they have given the gamers the first-party solution. At the moment PUBG Mobile Emulator is available for Windows PC for free. Moreover, Tencent has also made some changes that will easily spot when gamers were using emulators.

PUBG Mobile Emulator For PC


PUBG Mobile Emulator Features:

  • Flexible.
  • Precise Controls.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Support Added.
  • Use Combo using Keyboard + Mouse.

It seems this step was taken to ensure the users who are using third-party emulators cannot be paired with real mobile gamers. It was an unfair advantage with other players because they cannot use mouse and keyboard. Now if you are playing on PUBG Mobile Emulator, you’ll be paired against others who are also using emulation. 

This step will ensure that mobile users don’t have any deprivation and they will be able to play against others on mobiles. All you have to do is download the emulator and signed into using the same account previously used for PUBG Mobile gaming. You can use the following link to download PUBG Mobile Emulator For PC and keep that in mind this is only available for Windows 10 and more. There is no word of PUBG Mobile Emulator for Mac. As Soon as they release the PUBG Mobile Emulator for Mac OS, we’ll add the download link.

Download PUBG Mobile Emulator For PC:

PUBG Mobile Emulator

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