How to fix PUBG Mobile Lag and low resolution issues on Android devices.

PUBG Mobile Lag: Yes it lags and its even more prominent on the Android devices as compared to the iOS version. I have downloaded and installed it on both my iPhone 7 Plus (running iOS 11.3 Beta) and on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (running Android 8.0 Stock). Now despite having the superior specs sheet on Note 8, the PUBG Mobile game lags too often with even overall poor quality of graphics. Playing it on iPhone makes me go for “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner“, because its easy to aim and get a stable shot on lag free iOS devices. While on Android devices it stuck most of the time when you are trying to avoid fire shots, or even trying to aim and shot the opponents. So here is the fix to kill this issue on Android devices

So how to get this fixed and get better gameplay. The first thing you have to make sure of is always check the game server health. This is how you do it. Followed by a detailed guide of adding a custom modified *.ini file inside the PUBG Mobile Data Folder. If you are an android user with a Mid-Range device like, Xiaomi phones, LG K sereies phones, Samsung J, A, Z series phones etc. You must add this file to your devices to get 10x faster Lag free PUBG Mobile game experience. And if you have the High-End android device. You can still add this “UserCustom.ini” file to get better gameplay.

This file also helps in solving the PUBG Mobile better frame rate, along with High resolution changes. After adding this file you can change your Settings > Graphics

  • Frame rate to HIGH
  • Graphics quality to Ultra HD
  • Style to Realistic

PUBG Mobile Lag Fix Screen


Changing In-Game Server for better Ping-rate and less Lag:

The launch of PUBG Mobile Global comes up with addition of two new servers. The first soft / Beta version has the North American Server. With the quite high Ping Rate for Asian and European countries. Now the developers have added 2 more servers. The Asian and the European server. You can change the server by:

  1. Open the PUBG Mobile game.
  2. Once loaded, Go in and Sign-in with your Facebook account.
  3. On the home screen look at top left corner where Server is written. (As shown in Image).
  4. Now tap on server and go for the Europe or Asia server.

PUBG Mobile Lag Free Server Changing

Steps to Fix PUBG Mobile Lag issue on Android:

The Lag issue can be fixed by replacing a modded Usercustom.ini file in the PUBG Mobile Data folder. You have to download the file from the given link below and replace it with the original file. (Or Backup the original file). Here is how you do it.

  1. First of all download the ES File Explorer.
  2. Open the app and go straight to SD card > Android > Data > com.tencent.ig > Files > UE4Games >Shadow Tracker > Shadow-Tracker- >Saved > Config > Android > UserCustom.ini
  3. When you found this important UserCustom.ini file you have to cut it and paste it in any empty folder.
  4. Now Download this Usercustom.ini from Google Drive Link .
  5. Once downloaded. Head back to the same destination or simply follow this route
  6. SD card > Android > Data > com.tencent.ig > Files > UE4Games >Shadow Tracker > Shadow-Tracker- >Saved > Config > Android > and paste the same file usercutom.ini in this folder.
  7. Now simply close everything and head to the PUBG Mobile game.
  8. Head to Settings > Graphics and see the changes.

That’s it. Hope you like the PUBG Mobile Lag Fix. It is recommended that if you have a low-end device then you might add this file. As it will show Lesser lag and definite high movement in your game. Meanwhile if you are facing any PUBG Mobile Network Error Code then read this.

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