PUBG Mobile Mic Issue: Here’s How To Fix

We have been seeing numerous reports about PUBG Mobile Mic Issue. There are hundreds of users who are complaining about that their Mic is not working on PUBG Mobile while they are playing a team match or Solo. Moreover, we have seen many blogs are reporting about PUBG Mobile Mic Issue. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard a single word Tencent. I am sure they are well aware of this situation.

Let me explain the PUBG Mobile Mic Issue for you. First thing first, the problem happens in approximately 10% of PUBG Mobile users. Well, 10% is big chunk since PUBG Mobile is rocking the charts and more than 10 Million users have downloaded it on Android. So 10% is a huge amount of users.

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PUBG Mobile Mic Issue

As I was telling you that, the problem is that users are seeing the microphone symbol appearing at the Name bar in the gaming. But unfortunately, it’s failing to transmit any sort of audio.

If you are playing Solo then this might not be a big deal, but if you are playing with a team then it is. If the Mic is not working then you cannot communicate with your teammates and wind up losing the battle.

Fix PUBG Mobile Mic Issue:

There seems to be no proper solution for PUBG Mobile Mic Issue but we have some workarounds you can try. Now keep that in mind as per reports PUBG Mobile Mic Issue is not device related. This issue is in the game and mostly PUBG Mobile is the one which is suffering the most.

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  • Make sure your Mic working properly, you can do it by testing it using Windows Mic test and you can do same on Mac.
  • You can also try the same Mic and use it with other software such as Skype etc.
  • Un-install the PUBG Mobile and then re-install it.
  • If you are on Android, you can give it a try and clear the system cache.

To be honest you need to wait for an update from Tencent. Till then you have to play the game like this, We’ll be keeping an eye on PUBG Mobile Mic Issue and whenever a new update is rolled out. We will update this post, so it’s better to bookmark this page.

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