Top 4 Most Useful Apps for College Homework.

One of the parts many students dread about their first year as an undergraduate is keeping up with assignments. Even though most students only take a few classes at a time, there is still a heavy workload. When you are trying to study, have a social life, finish your assignments, and still have time to sleep, things can get hectic. Here are four of the most useful apps for getting college homework done.


1. Evernote

Would you consider yourself one of the averages broke college students? One of the best things about Evernote is that it is free for iOs and Android users. Additionally, there is an affordable option for a premium that has even more features to help.

One of the great things about Evernote is that it seamlessly integrates across all your devices. It syncs audio, text, photo, and video to an online account so you can easily keep track of all your resources. It also has features like ‘search handwriting’ that lets you find text in written notes, web clipper for saving information from the Internet, document scanning, and more. Evernote also seamlessly integrates with other learning apps.

2. Selfcontrol

How many times do you check Facebook, Reddit, or other social media before you actually get to your assignment? There are countless distractions on the web, whether it is social media or another site. Even though these are a great way to connect, relax, and enjoy yourself, the time for enjoyment is not when you should be writing the essay you have due Monday.

Most useful apps for College Homework

Self-control is an app that will make you focus on work (or find another website for entertainment). This is available free for the OS operating system. All you do is set a period of time, add the sites you want to avoid to your blocklist, and click start. There is no way to override once you have set the timer either—you have to commit to it. Even deleting the app or restarting your computer won’t work. While this can be a pain if you finish your assignment early, it still gives you plenty of free time where you can hang out with friends (and actually be social) or get some other work done while you are distraction-free.

3. RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The advanced calculators that you need for some classes can get pricy—especially if you are never going to need the calculator again. The scientific calculator is free for Android and offers plenty of calculations, though you can get access to a heavy-duty version of the app for less than $4.

There’s a lot that you can do with this app, from calculating percentages and converting units to performing hyperbolic and trigonometric functions. The one downside of this app is that you’ll need to take time to learn all the functions—but there is help available right in the app.

4. EasyBib

There is one thing that almost every college paper will need—a list of references. This free app for iOs and Android devices helps you generate citations in different styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago. Since you can export or email the bibliographies to yourself, you can easily do research from your phone regardless of where you are. This makes it easy to get papers started since you don’t have to be sitting down in front of your computer screen to start your paper.

What college student wouldn’t love it if their homework was a little easier? Whether you are trying to get organized or make solving problems easier, these apps will help you get college homework done more efficiently. Hopefully, they give you the tools you need for success at the college level.

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