What are the Airlines Manager Tycoon Best Routes 2023

If you are looking for the Airlines Manager Tycoon Best Routes? then you are at the perfect place. I have been playing this game for well over a year now. I have experienced that the best cheat to grow faster in this game is to find the best routes.

Here is the complete best profitable Strategy that all of you can follow to quickly make your Airline grow without wasting time on old strategies. This includes the Airlines manager’s Best Hubs, Best Routes, Best Planes, and the Best Strategy to follow to get the most profitable passenger and Cargo Routes.

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Therefore going for Best Routes with your biggest Airliner Airbus A380, Going full economy gives you at least 1,600 pax shafted from one place to another.

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What is the best Route an Airlines Manager Tycoon?

Let me explain it for you to understand it easily. Search for a route that is between 9,300 KM to 9,900 KM in the range from your HUB.

It must have at least 1,600 Pax Economy. And if you have an Airbus A380 ready in your assets, Then simply assign it to that route.

Thus a single A380 with a whole 22-24 hours flight will carry these passengers daily from your Hub to the new airport you bought.

So your daily Flight schedule might Look Like this image below.

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes Aircraft

Now people might have another Question here and that is:

What is the Airlines Manager Best Hub:

Well to my experience, the best hub in Airlines Manager Tycoon is the Bangkok, Thailand International Airport. It has way high economic demand and there are many big airports fall in that radius of 9,300 to 9,900 KM Range.

So I suggest you to buy this Hub as your Second hub, if you didn’t go for it at first.

Airlines Manager 4 Best Hubs for Fully Loaded Economy Flights:

Here are the Airlines Manager Tycoons 4 Best Hubs that I would prefer to load up my Airbus A380 aircraft with a huge daily Economy demand.

  1. Jakarta (CGK)
  2. Maputo (MPM)
  3. Addis Ababa (ADD)
  4. Sydney (SYD)

Now why I would choose these hubs on my priority list? It’s because you have dozens of other hubs with high economy class demand exactly at 9,300 to 9,900 KM range, so you can fly multiple Airbus A380 aircraft among these Hubs making Billions of USD in daily profits.

Just from Jakarta (CGK) I fly hundreds of A380’s to 1,623,904 Km of routs printing over 2.3 billion in daily profits.

Best Routes from Bangkok:

Once you bought the Bangkok BKK HUB, Then you must target the African Continent. There are many airports falling in this Golden range of (9,300km to 9,900KM). Buy anyone and fly a single Airbus A380 to that route.

Now it’s time to read this detailed guide about how it actually works. What does finding the best routes in Airlines Manager Tycoon 2023 really look like?

How to find the Best Routes for Airlines Manager Tycoon 2023:

For the best routes at the start when you don’t have enough research available, You should start with a more prominent HUB which has more Economy Class passengers as compared to Business or First Class passengers. The best starting Hubs with Maximum Economy demand is mostly in East Asia.

  • Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Beijing (China)
  • Kuala Lampur (Malaysia)
  • Singapore

Airlines Manager 4 Best Routes:

I would choose any one of the above-mentioned Hubs and would start my Flight operations. The start is always tough but when your airline reaches at a point where you can buy the largest A380 Aircraft. Then this would be the best strategy.

Find a Route between 9,300 to 9,900 KM Range and Fly a Jam Packed A380 on It, A successful one flight daily, Weekly 7 full flights within 24 hours scheduled period.

How to find 9,300 Km to 9,900 KM routes:

Now the big question here is how to find the best routes that are not less than the given 9,300 KM range and don’t cross the 9,900KM Range. The best tool I use is the obeattie.github.io to find the perfect Radius on the map. Follow these one-by-one steps to know how to do it.

  1. Open Map Radius Tool.
  2. Go to your HUB center. e.g, in this case, I am going for the Russian Capital Moscow Hub.
  3. Now type 9,300 in the field below along with Selecting kilometers from the other field as seen in the image below.
  4. Airline Manager Tycoon 2018 Best Routes Hubs Aircrafts
  5. Now make sure to click on the Airport, i.e your HUB.
  6. Airline Manager Tycoon 2018 Best Routes Hubs Aircrafts
  7. Once done, Now change the value from 9,300 KM to 9,900 KM as seen in the image above. Once done. Click on the Airport/ Your Hub again.
  8. That’s it. Now zoom Out and you will see that there is a whole new lighter fog area on the map. That’s the main strip where you have to find your destination airports. Airline Manager Tycoon 2018 Best Routes Hubs Aircrafts
  9. Like in this example We see that the strip passe through mainland USA, Cuba and even touching the South American countries. Following to South Africa.
  10. Now you can zoom-In and you will find many destinations which have better airports with strong economy class. See in the image below.
  11. Airline Manager Tycoon 2018 Best Routes Hubs Aircrafts
  12. You can see San Francisco, San Jose, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix etc and many more in the image.
  13. Now open the game and go to the New Route. Select your Russian HUB and go for North America, Select the United States of America and search for any of the above airports.
  14. Check the demand, In most cases, the airports above 8 stars are always high on Economy demand. So buy that route.

Once you have successfully bought the route. It’s time to get a new A380 for the route. Once done simply set this route for your A380. Go for maximum Economy. My best config is 720 economy, 50 business, 8-10 First Class, and 9 Cargo.

If you have still over 500+ demand left for the same route. You can fly another Boeing 787 on that route.

My Personal Success Story in Airlines Manager Tycoon 2023 in quick time:

Here are some of the screenshots of my own success, I follow the above-given strategy and successfully ranked at 500+ right now, within 2-3 months of gameplay.

My Airline: 

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes Aircraft

Daily One Flight Route for A380:

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes Aircraft

Max Economy Configuration for Airbus A380 Aircraft: 

I prefer to go with the configuration of more Economy class seats on such hubs, as the demand for Economy is always higher. My Airbus A380 aircraft all goes with

  • 719 Economy Seats
  • 51 Business seats
  • 10 First Class Seats
  • 9 Ton Cargo

With this configuration, I get the most out of an A380. If you are still left with the Cargo Demand, you can still go with an extra Boeing 747-8I on the route to cover the demands.

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes Aircraft

Some of my HUBs:

Here are the lists of Best Airlines Manager HUBs I have purchased so far for this All Economy Passengers Strategy.

  • MPM – Maputo
  • ADD – Addis Ababa
  • MEX – Mexico City
  • MEL – Melbourne
  • SYD – Sydney
  • CGK – Jakarta
  • CPT – Cape Town

Airlines Manager Tycoon best Routes Aircraft

My Current Game Screenshot: 

This is my account screenshot.

I am currently having USD $ 27.295 trillion in my bank.

The number of Hubs I am operating is 46, With 9857 aircraft flying on 3103 Routes this makes the Total Routes kilometers 27, 204, 203.

My airline’s value is well over USD $29.431 Trillion.

Airlines Manager Best Routes, Hub, Aircrafts, Strategy


I have followed the above formula, which goes for Airbus A380s for Routes ranging between 9,300 to 9,900 KM. Go for full throttle for Economy demand. No need to focus on Business Class or First Class. If you still have bigger business class demand, you can always increase the fare even 2-3 times the initial or Auto fare. This will also boost your revenue.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can easily earn $2-3 Million per flight. Which ends up $14-22 Million per week. Since 7 Days in Tycoon mode equals 1 Day in real life so it means one Airbus A380 can add an easy 14-22 Million dollars to your revenue. Hope you will like this strategy. Make sure to share this best Airlines Manager Tycoon 2023 Routes, Hub and Aircraft Guide.

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