Download MSpy app Apk 2018 for Android. [Full Cracked/Unlocked Version]

MSpy a new app that will let you spy anyone’s smartphone. This makes it the most liked and searched app for parents, teachers and even for government agencies. To track their employees or to get the latest and updated info of the targets they want. MSpy app apk is not fully free. But we are making sure to bring the best and latest MSpy App Apk 2018 which is fully Cracked or Unlocked version.


The MSpy app can be used to monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and other messaging apps. It Can also record Calls, SMS, GPS tracking and 25 more features. The best thing about MSpy app apk is that it is Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows PC and Mac OS.

Thus if you are looking for the best Spying app on your Android device. You can download and install MSpy App Apk full crack version on your device. This will let you monitor your target device’s camera, messages, call logs, their movements and much more using the simple tapping options given in the app. If you have a Boyfriend or Girlfriend and you want to spy on their messaging apps. All you have to do is download this MSpy app on your device and get connected with your spouse mobile phone. As mentioned above this device can get into WhatsApp, SnapChat and even Facebook messaging apps and get all the info you need.

MSpy App Apk 2018 Download

Here are some of the main features of MSpy App Apk 2018:

By installing mSpy on your child’s phone, you can see exactly what they are doing and who they’re talking to on social media and on their smartphone. You can also track their phone’s location.

It comes in two editions, Basic and Premium, both of which support a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Below is a list of features available with the Premium Plan:

1. GPS tracking: mSpy not only records the GPS location of your child’s phone, but also uploads it for you to see exactly where your child has been throughout the day. You can even see his or her location in real time on a map.

2. Read text messages: Read their sent and received text messages — even if they are deleted from the phone.

3. View call history: Find out who they call and who calls them. Get details like phone numbers, contact names, and date, time and duration of the calls.

4. Read instant messages: Monitor their instant messaging chats like WhatsApp and Skype and social networking sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

5. Keylogger: Record all keystrokes users type while using their Android phone or computer. The keylogging feature is available for Android, Windows and Mac.

6. Read emails: Read all incoming and outgoing emails. You can also read emails sent through Gmail and other email clients.

7. View photos & videos: View all the photos and videos stored on your child’s phone.

8. Monitor Internet activities: See which websites they visit, their search history, and the web pages they view.

9. Access contacts and calendar: Look through your child’s contacts so you can see who they’re communicating with. Check all the calendar events on their phone.

10. Keyword alerts: You can create a list of target words such as “drugs” “sex” and “guns” with this alert feature. You will receive an email notification when any of these words get used in any texts, chats, emails, etc.

11. Apps & websites blocking: You can view all the apps installed on your child’s phone and can also block specific apps and websites.

12. Incoming call blocking: To block incoming calls from specific numbers, log into your mSpy account and click on ‘Device Management’ and enter the numbers you want to block.

13. Unlimited device change: You can install the mSpy app upon one device at a time but you can change the target device as often as you want without buying new licenses.

14. Invisible mode: The best part about the mSpy app is that it’s completely invisible, which means that your child will never know they are being monitored.

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MSpy App Apk 2018 cracked unlimited

Download MSpy App APK Fully Cracked and unlocked 2018:

To download the app make sure that you have turned off the Antivirus on your device.

  1. Download teh MSpy APk from the given link below.
  2. Make sure to enable the Unknown Source installation on your device.
  3. If this option is enabled. You can install the app on your Android phone.
  4. Once done simple rename the system folder and disconnect the data connection or WiFi.
  5. Then restart the app and click the settings menu.
  6. Enable the default registration format.
  7. This will enable the registration.
  8. That’s it.

Download MSpy App APK 2018 :

MSpy 2018 APK

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