Download Cross Fire Gun shooter v1.0.28.210 apk [Chinese version for Android]

Cross Fire v1.28.210 apk: From the creators of PUBG Mobile, The Tencent Games, Here we have yet another action packed game for Android fans. This new game is as awesome as the Bluehole Playerunknown’s Battleground. Which was then shifted to China under Tencent Games. The new Cross Fire Gun Shooter Apk [穿越火线-枪战王者] has all the flavours of a PVP shooting game. It is although more cartoonish as compared to PUBG, but it is still quite full of action. The game-play is almost the same to other survival games. Here are some of the main features of the game. This game is also known as Cross FireWire – Gun Fighter King. and is downloaded from the TapTap store.

Cross Fire: Gun Battle King” is a CF genuine FPS mobile game. It perfectly inherits the PC side’s quality and gameplay. At the same time, it also customizes and optimizes for the mobile terminal’s operating characteristics and shooter habits, allowing players to Really enjoying the pleasure and pleasure brought by the gunfighting game on the mobile phone, the gunfighting dream has been extended to the mobile terminal. The gathering place of 100 million Cfer is here! These familiar elements allow the player’s gunfighting dream to perfectly continue to the mobile end.

Cross Fire Wire Shooting Game Chinese Apk

[Perfect support for pressure-sensing function, new revolution in shooting mobile game] “Cross Fire: Shooting the King” revolutionizes the aim of the shooting game and the shooting of these two dimensions of the operation together, the player in the process of aiming at the same time to increase their own The degree of pressure is sufficient to complete the fire, greatly reducing the threshold for operation. It is now perfectly adapted to mobile phones that support pressure sensing and enjoy a brand new operating experience on the fingertips.

[Inheriting the essence of the original, continuing the classic gun battle] “Through FireWire: The Gunfighting Warrior” perfectly inherits the original essence of the original travel from various aspects such as world view, gameplay mode, and operation rules, and is still the battle of defenders and lurkers. Blasting mode, individual athletics, team sports and other classic gameplay; still left-handed control of player movement, right-handed control aiming and shooting operation mode; these familiar elements let hundreds of millions of gamers’ gunfighting dreams continue to the mobile terminal.

[Classic athletics, bloody battles] Rich PVP mode allows you to play without getting tired: team competition, blasting, biochemistry, a match plus original position mode, breaking the unity of the gameplay mode, so that you are in the process of confrontation with other players Experience multiple fun and more exciting!

[Race Battle, Team Formation] The
storyline model is based on the world view of the FireWire PC. It tells of the cruel war between the human world in the near future and the evil Blitz creature monster. The player will play the hero of a special force and join his comrades in the road to hell on saving the world. In multiplayer cooperation mode, players will return to the battlefield and face more powerful biochemical.


Whats New in this Cross Fire Apk Update

March 23 update “King Wang ranking” version, then players can log in to get 200 drill + helmet – Future Soldier (3 days) + Kwai Experience treasure box
[new athletics map] 1. Map of Explosive Warfare – Port
2. New team battle map – subway station
3. New Single Challenge Map – Military Base
4. Optimized maps such as “Chinatown” and “Exotic Town”. Corrected map bugs and improved competitive balance. See the official website for details.
[New qualifying mode] 1. Classic qualifying increases the annihilation of sword fighting mode and replaces sniper warfare
. The annihilation sword battle mode map group includes “Knife Edge Walled” and “Arena”
. Seasonal bonus rotation, 2018-S2 Season Award for Gold Pot -2018S2 Limit
4. Qualify the map, remove the segment unlock limit, and change to the default full unlock
5. Join the internal reporting system in the qualifying game
[Island 2.0] 1. The island map has been completely relocated, adding scenes such as “Honeymoon Island”, “Drilling Platform”, “Remnants Island”, “Eastern Islands” and “Cargo Ship”
2. In the military zone of the drilling platform, a helicopter refresh zone, Gatlin Fort, and high-grade drop are added
. Drilling rigs, military bases, training centers, radar stations, arsenals, and other areas have fallen more abundantly
. Diving time increased by 25% in island mode to improve search efficiency.

Download Cross Fire Gun Shooter Apk:

This game is still not available for download on the official Google Play Store. So we have an alternative method to download and install Cross Fire Apk Chinese version on your Android devices.

  1. Download the Cross Fire Apk from here. |Official Site Link|
  2. Make sure that you have the unknown source installation enabled.
  3. If not, go to Settings> Privacy and change the options.
  4. Once done simply Download and install the file.
  5. Now run the Cross Fire Gun Shooter apk and wait for the game to load.
  6. Once the loading is complete you can sign into the game with QQ or WeChat messaging ID and Pass.
  7. Or simply create a new WeChat account and connect it with the Cross Fire apk.

That’s it.

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