How to build a route in Google Maps

For people in the modern world, long-distance travel is planned that are planned at home in online services. Various maps, navigators, and other assistants are laying the route to a person and doing it practically anywhere in the world.

Google Maps
Google Maps


How to get directions in Google Maps

One of the most popular services for such use is Google maps. This is a modern and most informative tool for obtaining the most diverse information about routes and modes of transportation. But not all people know how to use such technologies, despite their usefulness.

Method 1: Search bar icon

The developers of the service perfectly understand that it is relevant and is used very often by travelers and simply inquisitive people. That is why such a function as the creation of a route could not be relegated to the background. Its activation was added next to the search button.

After clicking on the appropriate button, the user is given the opportunity to enter the names of the settlements that interest him. Accordingly, the first place of departure, and the second – the desired place of arrival. But, besides this, you have the opportunity to add as many points as possible on the trip, and Google maps will build the route according to your wishes.

Also, you can specify the preferred modes of transportation. If you go on a trip by car, then just selecting the desired item, you get information about all possible routes along the routes and highways of the country. In addition, the user is available for an estimated time of arrival and all relevant information on traffic jams, road works, and paid road sections.

Of course, you can choose a walking route, travel by public transport or even a bicycle. No one limits you in the possibilities. If nothing is selected, then on the map all the actual methods will be displayed, and the first service will be offered by the most adequate and practical of all.

Method 2: Find a city

If the user knows exactly what city he wants to visit, then it will not be difficult for him to write it in the search bar, after which the Google map service will show its location and current information. But then the question remains open as to how to get there. And then the developers have established the possibility of instantly constructing the route.

Google Maps City Search
Google Maps City Search

After clicking on the button to go to the route construction, the user sees the same window that he would see using 1 way. The only nuance is that if you at the beginning forbade the service to receive data about your geolocation, it will not determine the point of departure, and you will have to enter it manually.

The user at this stage can not only write his city but also select it on the map by clicking on the magnifying glass. This is true in those cases when you need to learn how to get to the city, for example, from the forest thicket, if suddenly there catches the Internet. Or from the river bank.

Method 3: Select on the map

This method can be called the most practical. You do not need to know the names of settlements or any coordinates. You just right-click on the map and get a menu, in which you already have a choice. The user will be able to specify either the point of departure or arrival.

Google Maps Search
Google Maps Search

In addition, the user is given the opportunity to learn more about the place where he wants to go. If nothing is noteworthy, according to Google Maps version, there is not, then clicking on the “What’s here?” The button will display information about nearby settlements and the exact coordinates of the selected location. By the way, this is convenient if you use a physical navigator, which is able to navigate coordinates.

As you can see, even though this small window it is possible to make a route, so this can be considered as one more way, but here its expediency is under a very big question.

To say that some way is definitely better than the other, but the first one is the most practical one. It is actual when the user clearly knows his route and it is interesting to him only to study the ways of movement.

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