How to Move a Window that is Off Screen : Windows 10, 8, 7

Have you been in the situation where you Window is off the screen and you cannot bring it back no matter what you do? It happened to me and that’s why I’ve created this post to tell those what to do when you are in this situation. Here you’ll learn how to Move a Window that is Off Screen or Bring Off-Screen Window Back Onto Screen.

A quick tip to Move a Window that is Off Screen is, Right click on the Windows Tasker and select Maximize. It will bring back your windows but you cannot move it around with your mouse. That’s why you need to follow the instructions below to get it fixed. We’ll be posting a few workarounds that will help you Move a Window that is Off Screen.

All the methods we are posting in this post are working perfectly. We have tested them and after that, we have posted them here. Let’s get started now.

How to Move a Window that is Off Screen


How to Move a Window that is Off Screen:

All of these methods provided below are working. I would suggest you that you should try one method one time. If one is not working for you then you should go for the other one.

Method 1: Using Resolution:

  • Right, Click on your Desktop -> “Display settings“.
  • Choose “Advanced display settings” from the Pop-up.
  • Whatever your current resolution is, change it and click on “Apply“.
  • Head back to the “home screen” and check whether you can see the window on your screen now.
  • If you do, head back to the Advanced display settings and change it back -> “OK“.

Method 2: Using Move Option:

  • Hold “Shift Key” and Click on the Item in the Task Bar.
  • Select “Move” from the Pop-up.
  • Now your mouse or “Arrow keys” on your keyboard to move the window back onto the screen.

Method 3: Using Cascade Windows Option:

This is quickest and the easiest solution you can find to Move a Window that is Off Screen. Follow the instructions below.

  • Right-click on the task-bar, then select “Cascade windows“.

That’s all.

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